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ATLAS - A Project We LOVE that is compatible with Heliana's Guide
almost 3 years ago – Thu, Oct 14, 2021 at 12:58:56 AM

Hey friends!

We’re really excited about a project we’ve been helping on! After the success of our kickstarter, Moonlight Maps came to us for pointers  and we saw an opportunity to have our projects (theirs and Helianas) work together.

 Project We LOVE: ATLAS 

Our friend, Moonlight Maps, has just launched his Kickstarter project, ATLAS. This thing is impressive and, importantly, is compatible with Heliana’s Guide to Monster Hunting (more below). The 200+ random encounters in Heliana's Guide will have an index linking to recommended maps from this project. That means you can have random encounters AND maps, ready at the drop of a hat. 

This project brings you two binder-books full of detachable, unfoldable maps that weigh in at an impressive 25 x 25 inches and 18 x 22 inches (and use a 1-inch grid).  These things are beautiful, hand-drawn works of art; your players will deffo be impressed (and scared) when you whip these out!

Cross Compatibility. Not only that, but ATLAS brings you ready made encounters in their Mystery and Combat encounter card decks. These guys are the perfect complement to our tracking system where, if you succeed on your checks, you get a narrative encounter, and if you fail, you get a hostile encounter. 

We've given Moonlight Maps our trade secrets for getting this to work so it'll fit right in with the Mechanics in Helianas. Get rid of prep hassle and use these!

Did we mention reusable stickers for map customisation?

Also, their video is hilarious. Check it out here:

We’ll have another update next week with a first look at the Dreamholder - a creature that traps people in their dreams, magics up illusions and feeds on their emotions, and details for playtesting some of the new familiars/monster tamer companions!

Till then,

We love you all

Max (and Mo and Jess!)

Shipping Charges, Dreamy Robes, and Cool Campaigns
almost 3 years ago – Wed, Sep 29, 2021 at 02:06:16 AM

Hey guys,

I've had a few people contacting me asking about why their card is getting charged by "Loot Tavern US". That's us! Don't worry! Mo, Jess, and I (Max) are called Plane Shift Press, but our Stripe is set up through Loot Tavern.

We're charging for all the addons and shipping purchased through Backerkit.  This affects both both Kickstarter backers and Backerkit pre-orders. You can always log back into Backerkit to check the amount, you card details, and your address.

Locking Addresses. We won't be locking addresses for some time, probably until Spring 2022. This should give you enough time to move house a couple of times, get lost in the Astral Plane, and have a doppelganger live your life for you while you got on an epic space adventure. If you need to change your address, just bob on into your backerkit account (either log in or hit the link in your survey email or, if you can't do either of those, contact [email protected]) and change it.

Disputed Transactions. If you didn't recognise the charge and disputed it as fraudulent then we need to take action. Credit card companies are super strict about this, and the evidence it wasn't fraudulent needs to be overwhelming. So (1) you need to contact your bank and let them know it was a mistake.  (2) You need to send us an email ([email protected]) and tell us you made a mistake. (3) We might even need a signature on a short hand written letter.

If we get all of that, it's likely the fraudulent claim can be overturned, and we can proceed with your order :)

Sneak Peak

In other news, here's some super cool robes you can craft from the Dreamholder. What do you think they do?

By Michelle, a.k.a. @wish.mish

Projects We Love

We have two projects for you today, the first, Orcs vs Satyrs, is a fairly small project bringing you two armies of STLs & minis. The second, Tanares, has enough content to fill a shop. Both have pedigree:  Eldritch Foundry, creators of Orcs vs Satyrs, created models for Critical Role's The Darrington Bridgade, and the Exandria Unlimited campaign.  Dragori games, producers of Tanares, have the creator of the Forgotten Realms as their lead designer. Read on below.

Orcs vs Satyrs

Remember we held that competition to design a Heliana mini? That was through Eldritch Foundry! Those same folks are now running their own Kickstarter. They offer two competing armies, magipunk orcs and mystic satyrs for a true tech vs nature battle. You can get these as both STLs or as ready-to-paint resin minis :)

Click to see the page!

I'm personally excited for the elder treant. And, if they hit their next stretch goal, all backers get a free custom STL from Eldritch Foundry! Plus there's a free STL on their page (we remember how much you liked the last free STLs! Our website is still creakin'). See it all here.


This campaign is  epic. The production value is kind of insane.  And the lead designer, Ed Greenwood, made the Forgotten Realms (he sold it to TSR, what is now WotC). We'd be mad not to put it on your radar, even if it means tipping them over our own campaign total! There's so much in this campaign, you're gonna have to set aside at least 10 minutes to take it all in.

Click me to learn more!

Hunt avatar dragons. Play new subclasses. Buy a few new display cases for all the minis. The campaign ends soon - less than 3 days!- so check it out now!

That's all for today, we'll have a content update for you in October :)


Max (and Mo and Jess)

Mini-Update: Time to Charge Cards in Backerkit
almost 3 years ago – Tue, Sep 21, 2021 at 11:53:24 PM

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Mini-Update - You Broke Our Website - Cobramode's Free STLs
almost 3 years ago – Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 03:25:58 AM

Hey folks,

Either godzilla broke our website, or you did  xD

I assume that building is where our server was hosted.

NOTE: There' is a bug on our website that says "there was an error, please come back later". Ignore it. You're good. Give it a few mins and it'll come through :)

In case you missed it, Cobramode collaborated with us to make some STL minis for the Veiled Lady adventure (a very fun guy). On Tuesday, we released a sign up form and almost immediately our website got suspended for using too much load.  We've upgraded that, so please: click away! Those of you who managed to sign up should have already received an email with a link to the files by now. We can see over 500 of you have downloaded them!

If you haven't yet, sign up for the freebies here! Don't forget to check out Cobramode for awesome minis delivered to your inbox each month!

That's all folks,


Max (and Mo and Jess!) x

Biomenaces, Manufacturing, & Free 3D STLs
almost 3 years ago – Thu, Sep 16, 2021 at 12:56:53 AM

Hey pals,

Comin at ya with another update on progress. We’ve got a lil look at the biomancy wizard, an update on manufacturing, and some freebies from our friends at Cobra Mode. First off, a lovely timelapse from our main man, Jess Jackdaw. Meet a new race, the Lotl:

Biomancer Subclass

We got this art recently from one of our freelance artists, Denis Zhbankov. It’s AWESOME. We gave him a list of possible ideas for the school of biomancy wizard subclass, like surgical tools, organs in bottles, and extra arms (a subclass feature). I think he managed to use them all haha. Check it out here:

Biomancy Fancy Pants - Denis Zhbankov

The biomancer is all about self-improvement, in a very literal sense. They can enhance themselves in a manner similar to the transmutation subclass, gaining camouflaging skin, extra appendages, or springy, cricket-like legs. Around half of the new spells in the book are biomancy, and we also have an optional rule to convert some spells from other schools to biomancy (like alter self, stoneskin, and cure wounds). 

An array of biomancer sketches - Denis Zhbankov

Questions for you! Biomancy is all about manipulating living matter - what spells would you include in the School of Biomancy for this optional rule? Do you have any biomancy-esque spell ideas you'd like to see?

Manufacture & Timeline

This project got really big, both in terms of additional content, and in terms of the number of backers. Long story short, it’s gona take us longer to get it into your hands than we originally hoped!

We think the timeline for getting the PDF finalised will slip by a couple of months. In addition to that, our manufacturer has given us a much-longer estimate of 5 months from finalisation of designs to arrival of the freight containers at regional distribution centres. Their factory is at capacity, which isn’t surprising - they’re communicative, competitive, and produce good products; that's why we want to use them. In addition, thanks to a conjunction of pandemic, environmental, and political factors, shipping is slow.  In total, that means we're looking at early summer for delivery.

Logistics, am I right?

We hope this doesn't mess up any of your gaming plans, but one thing all three of us are passionate about is quality; we want to playtest all the content, touch all the products, and take the time to make sure everything is worthy of a gift to a golden dragon. That takes time, and that time is worth it. What we’re making isn’t a throwaway magazine, it’s a tome. This book is gonna be on your shelves until you pass it onto your kids, downsize your life into a van, or have to give a tithe of your most valuable possessions to a marauding dragon.

Now check this out:


EDIT: Our website is down! We think you might have broken it haha. You can't click the link; hold tight while we sort this out!

So… we did a lil collab with our brilliant pals over at Cobramode, the talented 3D monster sculptors. They’ve been kind enough to share the fruits of their labours with you folks, our backers, for free!

Well… almost free, we’re actually trying to gauge how much interest y’all have in us doing a line of minis in the future. To that end, here’s how you get them: simply hit this link (removed as website went down) and give us your email address. That shows us you’re interested, sends you an email with a link to the minis, and gives us a way to contact you if we ever do minis in the future.

Website down, link to be reinstated in another update.

Cobramode create a fascinating and fantastical array of wild creatures, bases, and scatter objects every month, complete with STL, stats, and lore. All their files are pre-supported, so you can just download, and hit print, or send them to your printer of choice! They’re also really cool people that deserve support following their dream career :) Check ‘em out here :). This month they bring you Kung Fu Yetis! Imagine your friends' (lol - I almost wrote 'fiends' there) faces if you whipped one of these out!


Project We Love - Valda’s Spire of Secrets 

Our friends over at Mage Hand Press are releasing a new 5E expansion called Valda’s Spire of Secrets. Somehow, they’ve crammed 10 base classes, 150+ subclasses, 130+ spells, and a lot more into this behemoth of a book. You can play a teddy bear with an obviously evil sword. Check it out!

So many goodies!

Mage Hand Press have a track record of delivering quality content time and again through KS. They even helped us on our campaign. We really like them. Go check out their project!

More from us in October! As ever, if you've any questions hit up the comments (and answer our Q about biomancy spells) and the Discord. Also if you want to be involved in playtesting the monster tamer and other subclasses, come to the Hump's Wares discord :)


Max (and Mo and Jess!) xx