Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting - A 5e Supplement

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Level up your game with epic monster hunts, harvesting, and crafting.

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$900k - This looks familiar! Quintuply familiar! New Clues
over 1 year ago – Mon, Jun 14, 2021 at 04:12:47 AM

Jess is super excited about this one! We'll be putting 5 more familiars in the book (and PDF).  These critters will have some unique abilities and can also be trained by a monster tamer to gain more powerful thematic features! Plus you might have seen some before in Jess' pokemon fusion videos!


Here's a sneak peak - the Couatling, Slaghund, and Tatzelwurm! The other two will be revealed on one of Jess' streams :)

Left to Right: Slaghund, Couatling, Tatzelwurm

We don't have plans to make these familiars into pins yet (that sort of thing takes a while), but the current plan is to have card pack #3 contain the reference cards for these guys (card packs #1 and #2 contain reference cards for the first 10, FYI. See the enamel pins pack to know which ones are in which card pack).


Congrats to Nathan Levi who correctly guessed the name of the secret $1m stretch goal adventure: The Dire Bunny of Caerbannog!

Don't be deceived!!

Prepare to encounter The Dark-Grey Knight, Jim The Enchanter, and the Knights Who Say "Mi!" in this entirely original adventure. Holy hand grenades not included. If we hit this goal, we'll add a whole new adventure, monster(s), craftable items, and ANOTHER familiar. Item card pack 3 will have the relevant cards!

Thanks again!

Max (and Mo and Jess!)

Week 1 Update! First Look: The Monster Tamer Class!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 03:50:45 AM

  • One week.
  • $777k.
  • 10 stretch goals.
  • 3 new creators commissioned.
  • 1160 core boxes.
  • 1380 deluxe boxes.
  • 5490 books.
much wow.

THANK YOU! To all our friends in the TTRPG community, to all the people who gave us advice on the KS page, and to you guys: thanks. Ya dope. Without further ado, let's take a look at the Monster Tamer class:

Monster Tamer First Look

The monster tamer!? What is it? Part pokémon trainer, part summoner, part familiar wrangler. This class is all about catching creatures, and training them up. This update will take a look at the design goals, hurdles, innovations,  and subclasses.

Design Goals

With this class we wanted to make it all about the companions. Whereas a battlesmith artificer or beast master ranger can still function sans companion, the companions of the monster tamer are its primary source of damage dealing. The monster tamer enhances its companion with spells and its subclass abilities, but also needs to take special care to keep them alive. You have two equally important creatures in play in any combat!

Innovations & Abilities

So, what does the core class do? This is a summary of the 'Rules as Intended' for the level 1-11 abilities of the core class.

  •  Monster trainer (1st). You start with a tiny CR 1/4 creature, your bonded companion! (N.B., it can't have the spellcasting ability or be a humanoid or giant). Whenever you level up in this class, all bonded companions (i.e. creature's you've caught) gains 2 training points. You can spend these to enhance the companions' speed, HP, ability scores, attack & damage modifiers, skill proficiencies, saving throw proficiencies or size!
  • The 'familiars' introduced in this book will have unique evolution paths to spend these training points on!
  •  Psychic bond (1st). You can see through your companion's senses, just like with familiars. So long as the companion is within 100ft. of you, you can cast spells with a range of touch or self on the companion. However, watch out! If you companion is KO'd, you have a chance to be stunned!
  •  Bolster (2nd). You can use spell slots to heal your companion
  •  Spellcasting (2nd). You're a half-caster (like ranger/paladin) and have known spells like an artificer. We're toying with allowing you to choose which of your mental abilities to use as your spellcasting ability when you first take a level in this class. Because... why not!? The spells of the monster tamer do not cause direct damage; they're almost all utility and control!
  •  Tame creature (2nd). Step 1. make a vessel to contain the creature (costs $$$). Step 2. Damage the creature. Step 3. Throw vessel at creature, which makes a Cha saving throw. On a failure, you catch it, on a success, you don't. Above 50% HP it auto-succeeds. Below 25% HP it auto-fails. When you finish a long rest, you become bonded to the creature.
  • You can only have so many companions bonded to you at once (dictated by your MT level). When you become bonded to a new one, you can release the old one, either to another MT or into the wild. The CR and size of the creature that can be tamed is also limited by your MT level. The creature's health is recalculated once captured, and it loses any spellcasting feature it may have. Otherwise, you can capture any non-humanoid, and non-giant creature!
  •  Multiattack (5th). Your companions gain the multiattack feature (if it already has it in its stat block).
  •  Pocket Family (5th). You can get a second bonded companion! This increase by 1 at 9th, 13th, 17th, and 19th, level.
  •  Alpha Strike (7th). As part of the action to summon a companion, you can give it a command (which usually requires your bonus action). # uses = Cha mod/LR.
  •  Willful Blows (7th). You companions' attacks are magical.
  •  Switcheroo (11th). You can use you reaction when either you or your companion are the target of an attack to switch places with one another. You can also do this as a bonus action. Cool for teleporting, too. 1/SR.

Combat with Companions

Here it is verbatim: "In combat, the companion shares your initiative count, but it takes its turn immediately after yours. It can move and use its reaction on its own, but the only action it takes on its turn is the Dodge action, unless you take a bonus action on your turn to command it to take another action. That action can be one in its stat block or some other action. If you are incapacitated, the companion can take any action of its choice, not just Dodge. Your companions can’t take the multiattack action until you reach 5th level in this class."


One of the big issue with balancing this class is what I call the 'Hit Point Problem'. Everyone knows Druids (especially moon druids) have great survivability because of their ability to have a whole second pool of hit points. The monster tamer has the same problem. The class is only a d8, but its creatures also have health pools of their own! And you can get multiple of them!

Solution 1: Recalculate HP.  Non-PC creatures have much bigger health pools than PCs. Because of this, every companion has to have its hit points recalculated (which generally means lowered) when they're tamed. You can still increase HP by buying a hit die upgrade, upgrading the companion's constitution, or upgrading its size!

Solution 2: Dependent Recovery. If you have 3 companions and they all can roll hit die to regenerate HP on a short rest... the total HP regen of the party becomes insanely overpowered. One solution we're trying for this is to make it so your companion's use your hit die to regenerate HP, with a little bonus based on your spellcasting modifier.


You'll notice that, except for Multiattack, the core class doesn't enhance your companions' damage output at all. Your choice of subclass dictates how you deal extra spicy damage! We've three subclasses penned, here're the working names: Splicer, Elementalist, Cheerleader. You choose your subclass at 3rd level.

These subclasses all follow a pattern:

  •  3rd level. Enhance attack.
  •  6th level.  AoE/bigger attack. Recharges on a Short or Long Rest.
  •  10th level. Defensive enhancement.
  •  14th level. Subclass capstone; Recharges on a Long Rest.

Elementalist. This subclass infuse its companions upon summoning allowing them to deal additional damage of a certain elemental type (acid, cold, fire, lightning). It gets a new action at high levels, giving it an AoE: Acid Mist, Endotherm, Firenado, or Sparkstep (all working names). 

Its defensive ability is a resistance to the chosen infusion element type, which can be bolstered to an immunity for a short time. The capstone is called 'Unstable Fusion'; the companion gains the benefit of TWO infusions simultaneously (so dealing twice the additional damage on a hit), but has a chance of ending suddenly, and summoning the appropriate mephit of the two elements.

Splicer. Each level, this chap gets 3 splicer points it can use to augment its companions. Unlike training points, splicer points are not shared across all companions. You can use these to give you companions traits like a a new movement type, a frog's amphibiousness, an owl's flyby, or some extra limbs for a dope machoke grapple build.

At higher levels, you choose from an array of different actions, and can even harvest the resistances of monsters you slay on the battlefield! The capstone turns the companion into a hulking behemoth, after which it falls unconscious and is exhausted. Use wisely.

Cheerleader. This is like the bard of the subclasses. Think Ash Ketchum shouting 'yeah!' a lot.  You use your reaction to grant it bonuses to ability checks, attack rolls, damage rolls, or saving throws. At 6th level, it gains the Action Surge ability, which you may be familiar with from the Fighter class.

It's defensive ability is similar to the half-orcs 'Relentless Endurance' and it's capstone is a special combo : you summon a second companion which takes its turn simultaneously with the first one. In addition, if both companions target the same creature, their attacks have advantage!

Want to Playtest? As you can see from the Hit Point Problem, getting this balanced is essential. If you want to playtest, we'll be organising that on the Humperdink's Wares discord server. There'll be an open beta once we get the alpha niggles out of the way. See you there!

Well done for making it to the end! Any questions, let us know in the comments below :)


Max (and Mo and Jess!)

P.s. This is different to the familiar crafting you can do through Humperdink the Warlock's magic of biomancy. More on that later.

$800k - The Hills are Alive... With the Sound of Michael Ghelfi's Ambiences
over 1 year ago – Thu, Jun 10, 2021 at 03:50:40 AM

We made it! Baby godzilla (demigodzilla?) is ready to dance.

Michael Ghelfi will be composing 10 new ambiences - one for each hunt - to be delivered digitally and hosted online for you Rhythm Bot pleasure! Check out Michael's patreon if you want tracks right now!

A New Clue

Many of you caught onto our snakey clues in the last stretch goal update, but no-one has yet to guess the name of the actual adventure.  So, while many of the guesses were far from dire, you'll have to play more boy.

Good luck!

Next Stretch Goal - $900k: 5 More Familiars

We're all so excited for this one - especially Jess! 5 more goodboys to summon as a familiar, or train up as your monster tamer's companion. As always, the more you can spread word of this campaign, the more folks we reach, and the most stretch goals we unlock. If there's a facebook group you frequent, drop a link!


Max (and Mo and Jess)

$700k - Looks Like Genetically Modified Meat's Back on the Menu, Boys! $1m goal revealed!
over 1 year ago – Sun, Jun 06, 2021 at 11:20:41 PM

We did it! Genetically modified baked beans coming your way. Four new subclasses in the book and PDF :) Careful you don't add too much spice and end up like this guy:

 New Stretch Goal - $1m: Bonus Adventure

Clues. Holy hand grenade, we're a hare's breadth away. Ni-one could have believed we'd even have to reveal this goal! I'm going to hide behind a shrubbery. One that looks nice. Maybe two shrubberies, with one slightly higher so you get the two-level effect with a little path running down the middle.

Okay that's all the clues you're getting about what it could be!  Whoever can correctly guess the name of this adventure will get a high five from me, Max.

If we hit this goal, there'll be another monster hunt in the book. The deadliest yet.

 Next Stretch Goal - $800k: Ambience Soundtrack

10 bespoke tracks to set the mood for each monster hunt. I guess we might have to make that 11 if we hit the $1m goal! Help us make the best product possible by sending a friend a link to our campaign, or share it on your favourite forum/group. 

Alright, that's all from us for now!


Max (and Mo and Jess!)

P.s. Did someone say.... College of Cuisine?

College of Cuisine - Jess Jackdaw

$650k done - soundscapes activated! New goal: More familiars!
over 1 year ago – Sun, Jun 06, 2021 at 01:05:48 AM

Monster Soundscapes will be available to everyone who gets a book or PDF :)

Arfghjklklklllbrll - The Sound of being forced to eat a tree. Or broccoli.

 New Stretch Goal - $900k: 5 More Familiars

If we get to $900k we'll expand the roster of trainable familiars. These can be summoned in their lowest form with the find familiar spell, but have unique traits they can gain when trained by a Monster Tamer. Check out this piece Jess did!

Couatling - Jess Jackdaw

 Next Stretch Goal - $700k: 4 New Subclasses

Share share share to help us get there! A post on facebook, instagram, and especially reddit can help us reach new audiences and hit more stretch goals. Help wandering critters find us and begin carving up monsters, too!


Max (and Mo and Jess!) x

P.s. Jess Jackdaw will be doing a stream to reveal the new races that were just unlocked next Tuesday 8th,  at 12 noon EST on YouTube. Subscribe to his channel so you don't miss it!