Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting - A 5e Supplement

Created by Loot Tavern

Level up your game with epic monster hunts, harvesting, and crafting.

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You Guys Rock and I Can't Keep Up (and Crafting Catalogue!)
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jun 04, 2021 at 01:26:19 PM


$150k goal DONE! Deluxe Box backers get a shiny new cover! The deluxe tier savings ($205) are now almost as much as the cost of the bundle!!

When we get to Backerkit (approx. 3 weeks after the campaign ends), the Book and Game Ready backers will be able to select a 'Deluxe Book Upgrade'. The price will be the difference between the two books ($30) and will replace the core book with the deluxe one. This option isn't available to the Core Box as that box is a single, sealed unit!

Announcement! $1 Tier

By popular demand we have introduced a $1 tier. You can use this tier to buy just addons. So, if you fancy a single pack of pins, a VTT Adventure package, or some magic item cards, this is the tier for you. Shipping to be charged in Backerkit.

 New Stretch Goal - $400k: L'Arsène's Crafting Catalogue

Mine and Mo's first collaboration was a product called "L'Arsène's Ludicrous Larceny". It's a three-shot heist adventure featuring the infamous thief and gadgeteer, L'Arsène Upin - get it free here. L'Arsène has since settled down in the Loot Tavern to work on his Crafting Catalogue. The good news is, he just needs a small investment to finish it off!

L'Arsène's Crafting Catalogue

This player facing softback book has approx. 32 pages and contains all the info you players need for harvesting & crafting, including harvesting tables for each creature type,  and crafting recipes for all the items in this book, plus all the SRD (free-to-use) magic items. It'll be included gratis for Game Ready, Core Box. and Deluxe Box backers. Keep the book for yourself and let your players use this!

 Next Stretch Goal - $200k: GM Screen

At $200k the GM screen gets added to the Deluxe Box for free! It's also available for purchase as an add on. The screen is the usual size (about 800mm by 300m, or four sheets of paper) and features the extended version of the design from the Deluxe book cover! We'll be hosting surveys to find out the information YOU need to reference at short notice so we make the best screen possible!

Project We Love - Academy of Adventures 2021

What's better than playing D&D? Playing D&D with your kids! What's even better than that? Having THEM BE THE DM! This Kickstarter gives your kids the chance to learn all about RPGs, build their teamwork skills, and boost their confidence, through prebuilt adventures or a week-long online camp. We think it's really cool. Check it out here.

 Hurry! It ends tomorrow!

That's all for now!

Thanks folks :)

Max (and Mo and Jess!)

P.s. These are all the stretch goal graphics and updates I prepared.  Safe to say this has exceeded expectations. You guys rock!

Another Goal Bites the Dust (and Bard Recordings!)
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jun 04, 2021 at 01:20:55 PM

What this? A gif for ants?

Wow friendos! That’s the $100k goal doneski; another 55 tarot-sized magic item cards added to the core box and deluxe box tiers. It’s also available as an addon. I've got start prepping more images...

New Stretch Goal - $300k: Bard Recordings

This means it’s time to reveal our new stretch goal - Cacaphonix’s Bard Recording!! Our friend, Jack Patchett (see his songs here), already made a great song for our taster PDF.  Hit all those links - it’ll be worth it!

Next Stretch Goal - $150k: Deluxe Cover

If we get to $150k then we can do a run of deluxe books! These will be added to the Deluxe Box gratis (as if you needed another reason to move up a tier!). This cover features a stylised Magnetite Dragon with its crown of swords on the front, and a swirl of monsters—the Tar-Rasque, Suneater Owlbear, Aboleth Broodmother, and Magnetite Dragon on the rear. It’ll be on a warm grey faux leather with blue metallic ink.

Deluxe Cover Mockup!

Project We Love - Extreme Meatpunks Forever 

It's Pride Month and this book has dope art, a killer concept, and a sense of humour! Check it out :)

This image links to the Extreme Metapunks Kickstarter!

EXTREME MEATPUNKS FOREVER is a tabletop roleplaying game where you’ll play as a gang of queer antifascists in a strange place called Meatworld. Spinning through space on the screaming corpse of a dead god under the glow of an absent sun, the people of Meatworld harvest its flesh to make their technology.

Thanks again!

Max (and Mo and Jess!) x

over 1 year ago – Fri, Jun 04, 2021 at 01:20:21 PM

Well… that was quick! Thank you so much!

We kicked it's butt!

Heliana is thrilled to learn that someone other than peeper will be reading her book. 

We’re thrilled to have started this journey so well.  Now onto the first stretch goal: a creature token for every monster we create (over 50)! This will be executed by the brilliant illustrator Splattered Ink.  It’s free for everyone who backs at the PDF tier or higher.

Thanks guys - we’ll check in with you soon!

 Max (and Mo and Jess!)

Tokens Incoming! (and GM screen reveal!)
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jun 04, 2021 at 01:20:12 PM

We just hit $50k - that’s the first stretch goal down! That means free tokens for everyone who backs the campaign :) Use ‘em in your digital games or as print-’n’-play paper minis. Here’s an artist’s impression of us all kicking this stretch goal’s butt (or... chest)!

Check out this Magnetite dragon!

By Darryl of Splattered Ink Games

Question for y’all; how will you be using these tokens? Do you use VTT or a real-life tabletop? What's your favourite VTT?

New Stretch Goal - $200k: GM Screen

This means it’s time to reveal our new stretch goal - the GM screen!! Jess did an amazing job working all ten of the boss monsters into this design; inconspicuous clues for your observant players!

GM Screen - Design by Jess Jackdaw

Next Stretch Goal - $100k: Item Cards

Our next target to unlock at $100k. This one is a personal favourite of mine - more magic item cards! These will be a selection of 55 magic item cards from the Loot Tavern treasury, including some new ones such as a grill of barbecuin’ and an in-game Heliana’s Guide, which helps with harvesting and is also a greatclub. Folks in the core box and deluxe box tiers will get this included for free! Let's smash it!

Thanks again!

Max (and Mo and Jess!)